Botswana Medicines Regulatory Authority (BoMRA) e gakolola Sechaba go nna podimatseba kgatlhanong le bangwe ba ba bapatsang le go rekisa melemo le metswako e go tweng e thibela malwetse, gammogo le COVID 19 e e tsweletseng ka go anama le go gapa matshelo a batho lefatshe ka bophara. Melemo e e ka golafatsa kgotsa ya gapa matshelo a batho.

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It has been brought to the attention of the Botswana Medicines Regulatory Authority that there are numerous medicinal/ therapeutic claims being made for certain medical products including medical devices and complementary medicines( herbal and nutritional supplents) through social media and certain websites. Some of the products are allegedly promoted and sold through multi-level marketing networks in Botswana.

Botswana Medicines Regulatory Authority (BoMRA) reminds consumers to be cautious of stores and websites selling products that claim to prevent, mitigate, treat, diagnose or cure serious illnesses, including COVID-19. There are currently no vaccines or drugs approved to treat or prevent COVID-19. Although there are investigational COVID-19 vaccines and treatments under development,..


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Product Evaluation & Registration department is responsible for protecting and promoting human and veterinary public health by ensuring that medicines and other healthcare products registered / approved for use in Botswana are safe and effective for their intended use, that they meet established quality standards, and that they are available to patients.