Governance Structure

The Medicines Regulatory Board (the Board), established under Section 6 of the MRSA, is the primary governing structure and is responsible for directing the affairs and operations of the Authority.

In accordance with the MRSA, the Board is mandated to supervise and control the administration and financial management of BoMRA and formulate policies for the purpose of providing guidance to BoMRA.

In carrying out its mandate the Board has the following duties and responsibilities, among others, as set out in the Board Charter.

  1. Providing leadership and direction to Management of BoMRA
  2. Overseeing the strategy, risk, performance and sustainability of BoMRA.
  3. Ensuring that the Authority’s ethics are managed effectively.
  4. Managing reputational risk and BoMRA’s relationship with Management, the Ministry of Health and Wellness and other 

In terms of Section 7 (1) of the MRSA, the Board shall consist of Members appointed by the Minister of Health and Wellness, after consultation with the Minister of Agricultural Development and Food Security, and elected from amongst persons with expertise in law, pharmaceutical industry, business management, medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine and two other areas as determined by the Minister.

The Chief Executive Officer, the Director of Health Services and the Director of Veterinary Services are ex-officio Members of the Board.

Members appointed by the Minister hold office for three years and are eligible for reappointment for no more than two consecutive terms.

Board of Directors
Dr Duncan Thela
Mr. Duncan Thela
Board Chairperson
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Mr. Duncan Thela - Board Chairperson

Mr. Duncan Thela has a Bachelor of Pharmacy, Nottingham University (UK) and MBA from the University of Botswana. He is the Managing Director of the Associated Fund Administrators Botswana (Pty) Ltd (AFA).

Mr. Thela is a well-rounded healthcare professional with a good understanding of the Botswana Healthcare System. From a regulatory perspective, Mr Duncan Thela served as a member of the Botswana Health Professions Council and is the former Chairman of the Botswana Drug Advisory Board. He is a member of the Human Resource Development Council – Health Sector Committee, Tourism, Health and Education Immigrants-Sector Specific Selection Board and member of the Business Botswana Health Sector Committee.

Dr Mbatshi Mazwiduma
Dr. Mbatshi Mazwiduma
Board Vice-Chairperson
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Dr. Mbatshi Mazwiduma - Board Vice-Chairperson

Dr. Mbatshi Mazwiduma is a veterinary surgeon. His professional experience spans over 16 years with footprints in Botswana, New Zealand and Australia. Dr Mazwiduma is the founder and Director of VETPRO, a veterinary centre that provides specialised services in Agri business consulting and veterinary services throughout Botswana. He is also a member of the Veterinary Council, and deputy chairman of Botswana Veterinary Association.

Dr Stephen Ghanie
Dr. Stephen Ghanie
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Dr. Stephen Ghanie - BoMRA CEO

Dr. Stephen Ghanie is the Chief Executive Officer of BoMRA. A veterinarian by profession, Dr. Ghanie’s academic footprints include veterinary medicine, meat science, strategic management and general management. He has worked as a veterinary public health practitioner, occupied various executive positions at Botswana Meat Commission and became the first citizen country manager at Parmalat Botswana.

Ms Shameelah P Winston
Ms. Shameela Pholo-Winston
Board Member
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Ms. Shameela Pholo-Winston - Board Member

Ms. Shameela Pholo-Winston is a Human Resources Specialist and holds B.Soc.Sci (Hons) in Industrial & Organisational Psychology from Rhodes University. With more than 15 years’ experience, Ms. Pholo - Winston has successfully led transformation projects in private and public sector environments, cultivating organizational performance through alignment of strategy to organizational structures, policies and processes. Ms. Pholo - Winston served in the Human Resource Management field both as an executive and as a consultant in private practice. She continues to offer her services for the advancement of performance management in Botswana.

Dr Tiro Mampane
Dr. Tiroyaone Mampane
Board Member
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Dr. Tiroyaone Mampane - Board Member

Dr. Tiroyaone Mampane holds a MBChB (MEDUNSA) (GIPS) and Corporate Governance & Project Management Certificate (University of Pretoria). Dr. Mampane is the founder and President of Boitekanelo College, a specialized health education academy. He has been at the helm of the college for over 10 years in charge of its Strategic direction, compliance and adherence to the regulatory framework. He previously worked at Princess Marina hospital as a medical practitioner. Dr. Mampane recently completed an Entrepreneurship Development Programme with Stanford Business school sponsored by De Beers Group.

Mr Meshack Baoleki
Mr. Meshack Baoleki
Board Member
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Mr. Meshack Baoleki - Board Member

Mr. Meshack Baoleki holds an LLB from the University of Botswana, Post Graduate Certificate - Compliance Management, UCT and Graduate Certificate - Policy, Regulation & Management, WITS. He is the Managing Partner of Baoleki Attorneys - a transactional law firm specializing in corporate and commercial law. He has worked in the Telecommunications and Banking Industry, in charge of legal, compliance and regulatory affairs.

Dr Joyce Kgatlwane
Dr. Joyce Kgatlwane
Board Member
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Dr. Joyce Kgatlwane - Board Member

Dr. Joyce Kgatlwane is a pharmacist and an academic. Her career spans over 28 years, where she worked in various hospitals in Botswana. Dr. Kgatlwane previously worked for Botswana Harvard AIDS Institute Partnership, PEPFAR and her areas of research include medicines utilisation, antibiotics use, adherence to medicines, medication errors, adverse medicines reactions and reporting. She contributed to the curriculum review and development of the advancement at the Institute of Health Sciences and the University of Botswana respectively.She served as a member of the Pharmacy Board under the Botswana Health Professions Council. She is also a member of HIV Management Guidelines Committee, Palliative Care Advisory Committee, National Health Research Committee and one of the founders of the Medicine Utilisation Research in Africa. In the area of medicine regulation, Dr. Kgatlwane worked at the Drugs Regulatory Unit as part of internship and She received training on dossier evaluation. She also received training on pharmacovigilance. Dr. Kgatlwane obtained a Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Otago (New Zealand), PharmaD from the University of Florida (USA) and Masters of Public Health from the University of Texas School of Public Health (USA).

Dr Gaseitsiwe M Sento
Dr. Michael G. Sento
Board Member
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Dr. Michael G. Sento - Board Member

Dr. Michael Sento is a qualified veterinary surgeon with experience spanning over 21 years in private practice. Away from the surgery room, Dr Sento is a passionate small stock farmer and keen promoter of organic farming practices. He previously held a board membership of the Botswana Vet Council.

Dr Gontle Moleele
Dr. Gontle Moleele
Board Member
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Dr. Gontle Moleele - Board Member

Dr. Gontle Moleele is a practicing physician and endocrinologist, based at Bokamoso Private Hospital, where she is also the hospital Superintendent. She has sat on several boards including MRI Botswana and the University of Botswana School of Medicine Advisory Board. She currently chairs the Joint Medical and Surgical Board of the Botswana Health Professions Board.

Dr Lethugile Modisa
Dr. Letlhogile Modisa
Board Member
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Dr. Letlhogile Modisa - Board Member

Dr. Letlhogile Modisa is the Director of Veterinary Services in the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security. He is the Vice President of the OIE regional Commission for Africa.

Mr Kagiso Balopi
Mr. Kagiso Balopi
Board Member
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Mr. Kagiso Balopi - Board Member

Mr. Kagiso Balopi holds a Bachelor of Accounting, University of Botswana, Management Development Program, University of Stellenbosch, and IIE, Pacific Institute. He is a Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA) of the Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants (BICA), a fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants FCCA (UK), and a Certified Enterprise Risk Manager (CERM). His career spans over 16 years in Auditing, Accounting, and banking at various levels. He serves on the Boards of the Botswana Privatization Asset Holding (BPAH) and he is also a co-opted member of the Finance, Audit and Risk comittee for the Botswana Technology Research and Innovation (BITRI) He is also a member of the Institute of Directors Southern Africa (IODSA).


Mr. Duncan Thela
Mr. Duncan ThelaBoard Chairperson
Bachelor of Pharmacy, Nottigham (UK), MBA University of botswana